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Cash Only. No Haggle Price. Price : $1,000

2005 DODGE RAM 1500

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UPDATE: This is currently in our shop because we it WAS BEING repaired. I have not finished the repairs yet (cam shaft) but i have it tore down and ready to put back together. Then the mechanic that I planned to help is no longer available. So as of now, it will not be fixed. It will be a tow away vehicle, complete with all the original parts, but it will need to be rebuilt. This is not a cheap, perfectly running vehicle. It is a cheap vehicle that will be more than worth the money you put into it once it is done.

Our mechanic told us the lobes on the cam are more than likely worn. The truck will not stay running well enough for a test drive due to this. This is a mechanic special. Bring a trailer if you intend to purchase. Price dropped to $1000. This will be the final price before we fix it. Call/Text 309-337-1049 or call only during office hours 319-372-8191 https://www.highlifeauto.com/inventory/?s[0]=price-asc&inventory


Prices are firm. The price listed on the website is the price you pay. We do not add any extra hidden fees in your purchase like other dealers. The only time we charge fees is if by request of the customer, we sometimes assist with DOT services. We truly do no haggle pricing. We know price sells, and we don't want to waste any of your time so we will put our best price out there for you. When (usually 4-6 weeks after owning) we go lower on price. this is not a guarantee but an example.