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I have been in sales for almost 10 years now, and all the best salesman I've received training from told me if I would listen to my customer they would tell me what they want, and well... you have. My customers want CHEAP vehicles. I also don't want to be a jack of all trades. Rather, I want to be the best at what I do. So, our goal is 2 things:


1) To offer the largest selection of vehicles $3k and less. Getting rid of any unnecessary overhead to save my customer the most money. My customers would rather save the mark up on the vehicle's price and inspect, repair, and recondition the vehicles themselves as needed down the road rather than paying a high retail price upfront at the dealership.


Due to our wholesale pricing we can not hold vehicles nor accept any payment other than cash. Please understand I can't hold a vehicle because if someone else is here before you wanting it with cash in hand, it's not fair to tell them to wait. I try to price my vehicles competitively because I know price sells and marking things sold before they are ends in disaster on a business end. 


2) Upfront, Honest, and no haggle / messing around. I respect your time and know from point 1 that price sells so I will do my homework on the vehicle's price and put my BEST price on my website. This means I won't go down if you flash or wave cash in front of us or if you drove 7 hours. We are motivated by our faith in God and know He will provide for us. The sales will happen and we know God will provide, so we will do our job the best we can and trust that God will have the right person for the right vehicle. This also means we are honestly cool with letting you walk away or even helping you find another car from another vendor. We love people and want to see them succeed. We do lower our prices after we own vehicles for certain lengths of time so make sure to add in your email so you can get updates on prices.


No haggle pricing started for me because I was seeing in my own dealership when I would give big discounts to friends or people that beat me up over price then I would have to mark up other deals to people who didn't know how to negotiate very well. These tended to be single moms, some females, and anyone who was just shy in nature who had to pay more to make up the difference. THIS ISN'T RIGHT! When I say no haggle, what I mean is the single mom will get the same best deal as a dealer that walks in wanting to buy from me. You can beat me up over price till you're BLUE in the face, but you will always be treated equally and fairly at my business. 




Our Mission:

We exist to help our customers get to a better place through transportation.

Located in Fort Madison, High Life Auto is a mom and pop owned business by a couple who loves Jesus, is passionate about people and cars and wants to help people have an enjoyable car buying experience without the hassle, debt or guilt.

High Life Auto is dedicated to customer satisfaction and we have provided you with a map, as well as our address and phone number to help you find us easily.

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I have been in sales for almost 10 years now, and all the best salesman I've r...



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